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Yes, You Really Can Have It All With DTF Transfer Gang Sheets

Yes, You Really Can Have It All With DTF Transfer Gang Sheets

People sometimes misunderstand the possibilities which open up when one orders DTF transfer gang sheets rather than just individual images. Since shipping and handling costs are virtually the same, your cost per unit falls considerably when you order an entire sheet of images rather than just one.

It also allows you the luxury of experimentation. If you are not quite sure which exact image you most prefer, you can order up DTF transfer gang sheets that allow you to see how all of your candidates look under exactly similar conditions. You can also order your images in various size configurations to see which one is most effective for what you have in mind.

In cases where you do need a large number of the same image, you will get precise replicas. Ordering single images at different times may introduce slight variations in the finished product. If you want, for example, a company logo for T-shirts, the whole idea is to get them of an exactly uniform size and composition. When they are all on the same gang sheet, those concerns are reduced to nothing.

Of course one of the biggest advantages is simply that you are ordering large quantities of images because you expect to turn them to your advantage. The mere fact that you need 20 of something rather than one or two shows that you are going places.

For more information on how DTF transfer gang sheets can boost your own prospects, please contact Eazy DTF – DTF Transfers at

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