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Top 5 Cold Peel DTF Transfer Films

Top 5 Cold Peel DTF Transfer Films


For optimal DTF printing, STS Inks Cold Peel Film stands out for its excellent ink adhesion and compatibility with solvent-based inks, ensuring high-quality prints. Hanrun Paper enhances your prints with glossy and matte finishes for vibrant, easy-to-peel designs. Sublistar DTF Films are praised for their outstanding ink receptivity, delivering superb print quality with various inks. Add a touch of glamour with DTF Gold/Silver Foil, perfect for metallic accents in your projects. For eye-catching brightness, Fluorescent Printing films offer neon effects, making your designs stand out.

Each film is designed for durability and creativity, providing valuable insights to elevate your printing techniques.

Key Takeaways

  • STS Inks offers a top-notch Cold Peel Film perfect for DTF printers, ensuring exceptional ink adhesion and effortless peeling after cooling.
  • Hanrun Paper provides versatile cold peel DTF transfer films in finishes like glossy, matte, glitter, and luminous, all designed for excellent ink capture.
  • Sublistar's DTF Films promise lifelike prints and include antistatic features to boost print quality with various inks.
  • The DTF Gold/Silver Foil films bring a metallic flair to prints, offering outstanding ink uptake and durability, plus easy peeling.
  • Fluorescent Printing films are ideal for neon-effect designs, compatible with solvent-based fluorescent inks for bright and unique results.

STS Inks Cold Peel Film

The STS Inks Cold Peel Film, perfect for DTF printers, impresses with its ink adhesion, delivering vibrant, high-quality prints effortlessly. Available in various sizes like A3+ sheets and rolls, it fits many projects and printers. Its special surface ensures flawless adherence of solvent-based inks, enhancing smooth gradients and reducing static, a common issue with other films.

What makes this film stand out is its easy peel-off process. After cooling, the film peels off smoothly, leaving a crisp image on your substrate, crucial for keeping prints vibrant and intact.

Its compatibility with solvent-based inks means unlimited color options, ensuring your designs are vivid and stand out. Ideal for detailed graphics or bold designs, this film guarantees your prints are clear and color-accurate.

Hanrun Paper Options

Hanrun Paper offers a versatile range of cold peel DTF transfer films, including options like glossy, matte, glitter, and luminous finishes. These films are designed for superior ink receptivity and easy peeling, ensuring your prints are vibrant, detailed, and durable. They're compatible with solvent-based inks and feature a smooth, uniform coating for premium quality prints.

The films have excellent antistatic properties to minimize static issues during printing and peeling, making them a top choice in the DTF printing industry for creating standout designs or achieving classic looks.

Sublistar DTF Films

Sublistar DTF films are engineered for superior performance in DTF printing, offering a uniform coating that avoids sticking and ensures vibrant, smooth gradients. Designed specifically for DTF printers, they provide excellent ink receptivity for lifelike and vivid prints.

Their antistatic properties greatly reduce dust attraction, keeping prints clean and sharp. The PET film used enhances print quality across various ink types, ensuring even ink distribution for detailed graphics and consistent color fields without banding.

Available in multiple sizes like A3+ sheets and rolls, Sublistar films are versatile, accommodating a wide range of project sizes with ease, making them a top choice for high-quality DTF printing.

DTF Gold/Silver Foil

Using DTF Gold/Silver Foil in your projects adds a stunning metallic sparkle that's both eye-catching and durable. These foils are perfect for DTF printers, known for their excellent ink absorption and anti-static features, ensuring smooth application. Their composition not only promises a striking visual effect but also longevity, resisting fade and peel to keep your designs vibrant through multiple washes.

The foils are user-friendly, peeling off easily after printing, which streamlines your workflow. Ideal for adding either a subtle elegance or a dramatic flair, the rich, metallic finish of DTF Gold/Silver Foil brings a distinctive texture and depth that elevates any design. This makes them an essential asset for designers who value both beauty and functionality in their creations.

Fluorescent Printing

The advancement in Direct to Film (DTF) technology has revolutionized fabric printing, introducing the use of fluorescent DTF ink. This innovative ink allows for the creation of neon-effect prints that aren't only vibrant and clear but also uniquely eye-catching. These prints stand out significantly due to their luminous quality, which is achieved through the use of specially formulated inks designed to glow under certain lighting conditions.

The specialized films used with fluorescent inks are optimized for excellent ink receptivity, ensuring a smooth and uniform coating essential for detailed and high-quality prints. They're compatible with solvent-based fluorescent inks and feature antistatic properties to streamline the transfer process. This ensures that the vividness of the designs is perfectly transferred from the printer to the fabric without any loss in intensity, making your prints exceptionally vibrant and distinct under any lighting condition.

Durability and Quality

Evaluating the durability and quality of cold peel DTF transfer films is crucial for ensuring your prints remain vibrant and durable. Key factors include washability, color retention, and material resilience. High-quality films can endure over 50 washes without losing color or peeling, showcasing their superior color fastness and ability to keep designs looking as intended. Additionally, the best films resist cracking, peeling, or distorting, maintaining their quality against heat, moisture, and wear.

Creative Applications

Cold peel DTF transfer films are a key tool in the printing industry, offering high-quality, vibrant prints on a wide variety of textiles such as cotton, polyester, and mixed fabrics. They enable intricate designs on challenging items like hats, bags, and shoes. The STS Inks Cold Peel Film A4 is known for its sharp, detailed prints ideal for fashion and illustration. Hanrun Paper offers unique films like glitter and luminous for standout custom goods and promotional items.

Sublistar DTF Films are praised for their excellent ink receptivity, capturing every detail of complex designs, crucial for reproducing multi-colored patterns or logos. DTF Gold/Silver Foil films introduce a luxurious metallic look, enhancing branding and exclusive clothing lines. The Fluorescent DTF Film meets the demand for neon or glow-in-the-dark styles, perfect for sports and event merchandising, showcasing the versatility and creative potential of these films in the industry.

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