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How To Adapt a Standard DTF Design Into the 3rd Dimension With Some Puff

How To Adapt a Standard DTF Design Into the 3rd Dimension With Some Puff

DTF transfers are one of the most effective ways to put artwork on a wide variety of different things. This ease of use and versatility have made it an industry standard. What's less well-known is that you can also leverage DTF to create a variety of different looks. For example, have you ever seen shirts with artwork that puffs up in a 3D effect? You might not have realized it but that effect is typically created with a DTF technique called puff vinyl HTV.

HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, can puff up once it's pressed and heated. During the time of application this will allow puff vinyl HTV to essentially swell on the surface it's been applied to. The texture itself still feels like screenprint and it doesn't even have much impact on how the material is washed. So if HTV is used with a shirt you wouldn't need to have a special laundry batch for it. Instead, you'd clean it just like any other shirt.

The puff technique is interchangeable with your standard artwork for DTF. It's one more option for your designs. However, you can also think of the puff as a new medium. It's a chance to not only work with two dimensions, but three. For example, think about a logo that features clouds. You could use the puff to further highlight the emotional impact you're working to express with your logo. You can get started with the technique through EazyDTF - DTF Transfers at

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